Supported Browsers

Second Site has been tested on the following browsers. The "+" notation in the version column indicates that Second Site's HTML pages are compatible with the indicated version and all subsequent versions.

Browser Version Comments
Firefox 3+ Firefox is a great choice for viewing SS pages.
Chrome various Chrome is a great choice for viewing SS pages.
Internet Explorer 9+ IE9+ are standards compliant and do a good job of rendering SS pages. As of January of 2016, IE11 is the only supported version of Internet Explorer. All other versions are obsolete.
Internet Explorer 8 IE8 is mostly standards compliant and does an OK job of rendering SS pages. Second Site is not explicitly tested for IE8 compatibility.
Internet Explorer 7 Second Site Version 6+ does not support IE7 or previous.

Opera 7+ Opera does a good job of rendering SS pages.
Safari 5+ Recent versions of Safari do a good job of rendering SS pages.


With the exception of chart pages, modern browsers will print pages written by Second Site fairly well. Browsers don't do a great job of pagination, especially wide content, and so printing wide charts is beyond their capability. Some browsers do not print background colors unless directed to do so via a user preference.


Second Site pages use some JavaScript to provide special features. If a visitor to your site does not have a JavaScript-enabled browser, or has JavaScript turned off, the features that depend on JavaScript will not be available. The pages fail gracefully; the pages will look fine and everything except the special features will work properly.

Maps are an exception to the above rule; maps are rendered via JavaScript and if JavaScript is disabled, the area reserved for the map will be empty.

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