Pedigree Chart (Paged) is a User Item that creates a pedigree box chart where generations are aligned in columns. Fathers appear above and to the right of their children; mothers are below and to the right. Paged format charts are split across multiple pages: forward and back links allow the user to navigate between the pages in the chart. Unlike other charts, empty boxes appear in place of ancestors that are unknown or suppressed.

I do not recommend using the Pedigree Chart (Paged). A better alternative is to use the interactive pedigree chart that is automatically created by Second Site based on the presence of one or more Pedigree Link User Items or an enabled Pedigree Link Person Entry Item.

For people in the chart who have a person page entry, the chart entry links to the person page entry and vice-versa.

Edit Paged Pedigree Chart

The Edit Paged Pedigree Chart window controls the properties of a Paged Pedigree chart.

Shared Properties

Second Site uses many of the same properties for all the different chart types. If you do not see a property explained here, look for it on the Chart Properties page. See the Chart Membership page for an explanation of the Continue Excluded Lines property and other topics related to why people appear—or don't appear—in charts.

Chart colors are determined by the Theme but can be changed by the user via the properties in the Stylesheets.Theme.Chart section. Other stylesheet options are controlled via the chart-related styles in the Stylesheet.System section.

Generations per Page

The Generations per Page pull-down menu specifies how many generations will appear on each page of the multi-page chart.

Box Size and Geometry

The Box Width, Box Height, Connector Offset, Connector Width, and Row Leading properties control the geometry of the chart.

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