A Relationship Chart is a User Item that creates a chart that shows how two people are related. You specify the subjects of the chart and Second Site finds the lineage between them and shows each relative in that lineage.

If one person is an ancestor of the other, the chart will have a single column of boxes, with each row representing a generation between the ancestor and the descendant. If neither person is an ancestor of the other, then the chart will show lines of descent from their nearest common ancestor. See the example charts.

For people in the chart who have a person page entry, the chart entry links to the person page entry and vice-versa.

Chart colors are determined by the Theme but can be changed by the user via the properties in the Stylesheets.Theme.Chart section. Other stylesheet options are controlled via the chart-related styles in the Stylesheet.System section.

Edit Relationship Chart

The Edit Relationship Chart window controls the properties of a Relationship Chart.

Shared Properties

The Title, Description, Item Class, Name Options, Box Lifespan Option, Box Lifespan Format, and Box Date Format properties are explained on the Chart Properties page.

Person 1 and Person 2

Person 1 and Person 2 must be set to the TMG ID numbers of two related people. Second Site will compute the nearest common ancestor and build a chart that shows the two people and the intervening ancestors.

Include Spouses

If the Include Spouses property is checked, the Relationship Chart will include the ancestor spouses of the direct line ancestors.

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