A Link is a User Item that creates an HTML link. Use Link User Items to add entries in the site's menu or to a Custom Page.

Combining Link items with a Custom Page User Item, you can make a page of links.

Edit Link

The Edit Link window controls the properties associated with a Link.


Enter the text that will appear in the menu or on the Custom Page where the link appears.


Enter the HyperText Reference (address) for the link.

For pages on the current site that are created by Second Site, enter only the page's filename, such as s1 for s1.htm, the first source page. Second Site determines the filetype based on other settings.

If you are making a link to a file that you want to allow visitors to download, put a copy of the file in the Input (-i) folder and key the filename in the HREF property. Second Site supports the following filetypes: pdf, doc, xls, jpg, jpeg, png, and gif.

For some links to pages on the current site, the HRef property is locked; this occurs when you add links to the Main Page, the Surname Index, and the Master Index. You cannot change the filenames of those pages, so there is no reason to change the HRef.

For links to other sites, enter the full address beginning with "http:", etc. For example, "http://www.johncardinal.com"

See Menu on the User Items page.

Button Image

See Button Image on the User Items page.


If Enabled is checked, Second Site will create the link the next time you make the site. If Enabled is unchecked, the link will not be created. For more information, see Enabled on the User Items page.

Add Target=Top

If Add Target=Top is checked and Second Site is making a framed site, it will add a target="_top" parameter to the current Link User Item so that it will open in the browser's outer-most window rather than in the current frame. This is useful when linking to external sites. I do not recommend using this setting for links to pages that are part of the current framed site. Framed site pages are designed to work in frames.


See Description on the User Items page.

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