The Compiler Section includes properties that describe the compiler of the information on the site, which is typically you, the Second Site user.

The format of the Compiler Section is controlled by the Compiler Page Script which is chosen via the Layouts section.


Include Compiler Section

The Include Compiler Section checkbox controls whether the HTML generated by the Compiler script is included in the output. The default is checked.

General Message Only

The General Message Only checkbox controls whether the compiler data is limited to the General Message only. The default is unchecked.

General Message

The General Message text displays with the compiler information and may be used to describe the data in a general way, or perhaps to include a disclaimer... it's up to you.


The Heading text displays with the compiler information and describes the role of the compiler. The default is "Compiler". Use "Author" or a word that describes the compiler role more appropriately, if necessary.


Enter your name in the Name textbox.


Enter your postal address in the Address textbox. If you do not want to reveal your address, leave this field blank.

EMail Address

The EMail Address property is used to specify your e-mail address. If you include an address here, you should include your name in the Name textbox. Second Site will add your e-mail address to the compiler information, but the address will be hidden from e-mail address harvesters using a script. Your name in the compiler section at the bottom of the page will be a link, and when a person visiting your site clicks there, their e-mail client will open with your address in the "To:" field.

The e-mail address does not have to match the e-mail address you used when you registered, but Second Site sets the default value for this property to that address.

Note If you do not include your e-mail address, people who visit youre site will not be able to contact you. When that happens, they often contact me. I will not share your e-mail address with them unless I get approval for you, and I usually do not have time to be the middle-man, so it's far better to provide your e-mail address.

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