The Set Flag Icon window controls the properties associated with a flag icon. You can add Icons to your site using the controls in the Icons section.


The Flag pull-down menu controls which flag field is used to control the icon. When you choose a Flag Label, Second Site displays the "File Prefix", the flag label converted into the start of the icon filenames.

Icon Location

The Icon Location pull-down menu controls the location of the icon. You have three choices, Person Name, Child Name, and Index Name.

If you choose Person Name, the icon appears next to the subject's name in the person page entry.

If you choose Child Name, the icon appears before the subject's name when it appears in the children's section in the person page entry of the person's parent.

If you choose Index Name, the icon appears before the subject's name in the index.

Icon Position

The Icon Position pull-down menu controls the position of the icon relative to the subject's name. You have two choices, Before Name and After Name.

Icons List

The Icons list includes the filenames of all the icons for the given flag that Second Site finds in the Input (-i) folder. Use the list to determine if you have created the proper files and stored them in the proper place. When you select an icon from the list, the image is displayed in the "Current Icon" section and the icon's Title Text and HRef are shown.

Add Icon...

The Add Icon... button can be used to copy icon files to the Input (-i) folder. Second Site will ask you for the flag value which should be associated with the image file. The image file will be renamed appropriately.

Delete Icon...

The Delete Icon... button can be used to delete icon files.

Title Text

The Title Text is optional. It is assigned to the Title parameter of the HTML IMG tag. Most browsers show the Title Text as a tooltip when the user moves the mouse cursor over the image. A good use of the Title Text is to enter a brief phrase that explains the meaning of the icon.


The HRef is also optional. If specified, Second Site will make the icon a link. Specify an HREF if you manually create a page that explains something related to the icon.

The Title Text and HREF parameters apply to all uses of a single icon file, i.e., if the icon is used in multiple contexts they must all use the same Title Text and HRef.

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