Second Site News #009

15 March 2003

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Questions and Answers about Charts

There are a few topics about the chart features in the latest release that deserve some discussion. They are presented here in a Q&A format.

  • The "Charts" button does not appear properly. How do I fix that?

    The button does not appear when you make a site from an existing SDF file that uses either the Carla's Graphics or Generic Graphics Themes. Refresh the Theme by changing your Style selection to Standard and then immediately changing it back to your preferred Theme.

  • I asked for dates, but they aren't in the chart. How come?

    The default height for charts does not allow room for dates on a separate line or lines. Make the box taller by adjusting the Box Height property. If dates don't appear, double the existing height. Then adjust to suit your preference.

  • How do I make charts for multiple people?

    You can enter multiple ID numbers in the Subject IDs property for all the chart types. Separate the IDs with semicolons:

         125; 129; 144

    There is no fixed limit on the number of IDs you can specify, but the feature is not designed to produce a large number of charts. How large is large? It depends on how much memory is on your machine, how fast your machine is, how much space is on your hard drive, how much patience you have, etc. <g>

  • Where are the chart options explained?

    Each chart type has its own help page. When you are editing properties for one of the chart types, press F1 to see the specific help page for that chart type. Then click the Chart Properties link under Shared Properties for an explanation of the properties that are shared by all chart types.

  • How come the "Embed" option doesn't seem to work for the Lists.Site Chart List property?

    There is a bug in the template files for all Themes. The script checks the wrong property name. The bug will be corrected in the next release. In the meantime, if you want to use the Embed option, make the following change in the -t version of index.htm (non-framed Themes) or main.htm (framed Themes). Change

    If Site("Lists.Chart List")="2" Then


    If Site("Lists.Site Chart List")="2" Then


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