Second Site News #025

12 March 2006

In this issue:

Second Site Version 1.9 (Build 7) Released

This is a maintenance release that includes a couple new features and fixes some issues discovered since the last release. Please see the Change Log for details.

The most notable changes are updates to the Carla's Graphics and Generic Graphics Themes. The new HTML avoids a bug in Internet Explorer where clicking a link didn't always scroll the destination page to a specific person page entry.

I also changed the HTML and stylesheet class associated with the Surname Character Index at the top of the surname index page. The new approach corrects some formatting difficulties related to centering the characters.

Note If you have customized the appearance of the Surname Character Index in existing SDF files, you will have to reset the formatting via the Stylesheets section after you upgrade.

If you have a custom Theme based on either the Carla's Graphics or Generic Graphics Theme, you must modify your scripts.ssi file and update the ContentStart() and ContentStop() functions following the example of the versions supplied with Second Site. See the Change Log for more information.

All existing customers are welcome to download this free upgrade. When you upgrade, you will not lose any SDF files or sites you have already made.


Second Site is available via download only. See the Downloads page.


For purchasing information, see the Purchases page.

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