This page describes two methods of restricting TMG data to processing by Second Site only. If you want to add an HTML link to an event memo, for example, but you do not want the link to appear in documents created by TMG, you should consider one of these two methods.

Including or Excluding a Whole Event

TMG supports Custom Tags, and one good use of them is to control the data in reports. If you want to include or exclude a whole event, define one or more Custom Tags and use those tags to record the data. Select or deselect the Tag Type using the Selected Events button in TMG's report options.

Second Site's Data.Database.Tags list provides the same capability for Second Site.


Here's how to include a link to another web site in a Second Site narrative using a Custom Tag. I've omitted some of the details, such as switching between applications and opening datasets, etc. These are the basic requirements, not the Step-by-Step instructions.

  1. Define a Custom Tag in TMG. Call it "WebLink". Set the sentence to "[M]" for both Principals and Witnesses.
  2. In your TMG reports, choose "Selected" for the "Tag Types" option and then click the [Define] button. Make sure that the "WebLink" tag is not selected. In TMG v4, it will say "No" in the entry for WebLink. (If you create HTML reports with TMG, you may want to include the WebLink events, but other than that they should be excluded.)
  3. Add a WebLink event to one of the people in your dataset. Set the memo to something like the following:

    See the [WEB:] http://www.smiths.com; Smith One-Name Study [:WEB]

  4. In Second Site, make sure that WebLink is checked in the Data.Database.Tags list.

When you make your site using Second Site, it will include the WebLink event and the narrative will include the link.

Second Site-Specific Text

Second Site supports a special formatting code that temporarily undoes the effect of TMG's HID code. This makes it possible to restrict selected text to Second Site only. Use this technique if you want the event to be included in TMG reports, but you want a portion of the memo to be processed only by Second Site.

See Second Site-Only Formatting Codes for a description of the [SS:] and [:SS] codes.

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