These strings are used when Second Site is formatting multimedia exhibits.


The Strings.Multimedia Exhibit Strings.Text Label property is the string Second Site uses as the label for the row in the grid that displays a multimedia exhibit. The default is "audio/video". Second Site encloses the string in parentheses to distinguish it from actual tag labels.

The Strings.Multimedia Exhibit Strings.Title Message property is the string Second Site uses as the value of the "Title=" parameter on the HTML IMG tag for the linked exhibit icon. The "Title=" text is displayed when the cursor is over the icon on an HTML page. The default is "Click to open".

This string is only used if there is no caption defined for the exhibit using TMG's "CAPTION:" rule (prior to TMG v6) or the Caption field (TMG v6+). See the TMG Help files for more information about Exhibit captions.

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