The Styles section includes properties that affect the style of the site.


The Theme property determines the overall look of the generated site. When you choose a Theme, Second Site will display a thumbnail graphic of the Theme and update the properties in the Theme Section. See the Themes page for more information.

Theme Credit

The Theme Credit property controls the text that appears at the bottom of the page and gives credit to the Theme Designer.

Note You should not alter the value of the Theme Credit property without reading the Designer Attribution clause of the End-User License Agreement and the explanation of this value on the Themes page.

The Menu property determines the look and behavior of the main navigation menu. When you choose a Menu from the Styles.Menu pull-down menu, Second Site updates the properties in the Menu Section.

In addition to the Styles.Menu choice described here, there are other properties that affect menus in the generated site.

  • The contents of the menu are determined by the list of User Items.
  • The placement of the menu is determined by the Menu Page Scripts in the Layouts subsections.
  • Menu button images are controlled by the Styles.Button Images property.

The Menu property determines the look and behavior of the main navigation menu. Each entry in the pull-down menu is a Menu style. Like Themes, a set of Menu styles are supplied with Second Site, but users can also create their own Menu styles. A Menu style is defined by a Menu stylesheet script.

Button Images

The Button Images pull-down menu controls the use of button images.

When set to Ignore, the default value, the main menu will not include button images even if there are image files included in the current Theme or present in the Input (-i) Folder.

When set to Use available images, the main navigation menu will include button images. The Button Image property of the User Item controls which image is used. The image file must exist in the Theme folder or the site's Input (-i) folder.

Note that many Themes do not have button images and Use available images will have no effect for those Themes.

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