The following information is intended for advanced users.

Second Site supports the following switches and parameters on the command line should you choose to start the program from a command window or from a scripting facility.

2ndsite8.exe /switches SDFfile


Switches are optional. You may specify M or MX. M will make the site defined by SDFfile. MX will make the site and then exit.
SDFfile is optional, but any switches are ignored unless you also specify the path to an SDF file.


You can try the following examples in a command window or the Start > Run menu.

2ndsite8.exe c:\secondsite\main.sdf

Opens the SDF file "c:\secondsite\main.sdf".

2ndsite8.exe /M c:\secondsite\main.sdf

Opens the SDF file "c:\secondsite\main.sdf" and then makes the site.

2ndsite8.exe /MX c:\secondsite\main.sdf

Opens the SDF file "c:\secondsite\main.sdf", makes the site, and then exits.

Waiting for Second Site to Finish

Second Site is a GUI program and when run from the command line or from a script, the command will complete as soon as Second Site starts, even though Second Site is still running. If you are automating a multi-step process, and you want Second Site to complete before proceeding to the next step, you need to configure your script to do so.

For scripts run via the Windows Scripting Host (WSH), you can use the WaitOnReturn parameter of the Run method.

Set oS = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
oS.Run "c:\Program Files\Second Site 8\2ndsite8.exe " & _
    "/MX d:\ss\main.sdf",,True
WScript.Echo "Second Site has closed."
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