A Table Row is a User Item that adds a row to a table on a Custom Page. The row can be designated as a Heading row or a Data row, and can include from 1 to 8 cells. Second Site assembles contiguous Table Row User Items into a single table.

A Table Row User Item is a Content Item. It does not create a page of its own and so you must place it on a Custom Page.

Second Site uses the first text it finds in one of the cell values of the row as the title for that Table Row User Item in the User Items list.

To adjust the style of Custom Page tables, modify the properties in the Table, Heading, or Cell subsections of the Stylesheets.System.Table Items section.


  • Census Status
    • Year
    • 1880
    • 1890
    • 1900
    • 1910
    • 1920
    • 1930

The diagram shows a Custom Page named "Census Status" with six nested Table Row User Items. Each presumably describes something about census data in the given year. Assuming that each Table Row User Item had two cells of content, the resulting Custom Page would be similar to the following:

1880All McGillicuddy families reviewed
1890Entries for Hambone County are not available
1900All McGillicuddy families reviewed
1910All McGillicuddy families reviewed
1920In progress
1930Not reviewed yet

Edit Table Row

The Edit Table Row window controls the properties associated with a Table Row User Item.


See Enabled on the User Items page.

Row Type

The Row Type property determines whether the cells are Data cells (TD) or Heading cells (TH). Data cells and Header cells are normally rendered differently by browsers. The default is Data.


The Cells pull-down menu determines how many cells will be in the row. The choices range from one to eight, and the default is two.

Tables look better if all the rows have the same number of cells. Even if some cells are empty, leave Cells set to the same number as the other rows.

Cell 1 to Cell 8

The Cell N textboxes determine the content of the cells in the row.

If there is no data for a particular cell, leave it empty. You do not have to supply   for empty cells.

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