The VCF Chart Properties Dialog controls properties used during the Visual Chartform (VCF) import process.

The Chart textbox holds the filename of the VCF file that is being imported. It is a read-only property that is only there to remind you which chart you are importing.

The JPEG Quality pull-down menu controls the JPEG compression process. A lower number means higher compression, with a resulting drop in image quality. A higher number means lower compression, and produces a higher quality result. The default is "8 - High Quality" for newly-imported charts.

As of version 5.3 build 7, when you use the [Reload VCF Chart] button, the quality value will default to the value from the last import of the chart. You can raise or lower the quality by selecting a different entry in the menu.

Click [OK] after you set the properties to your liking. Click [Cancel] if you do not want to import the VCF chart.

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