Terry Reigel's Second Site Basics article describes these steps in more detail, and includes screenshots.
  1. Start the program

    TMG should not be running when you use Second Site.

  2. Make a "Site Definition File"

    Use the File > New... command to make a new Site Definition File (SDF). Second Site stores the options you select to customize your site in this file. When Second Site opens the "Set Default Values" window, customers in the USA should select "English (U.S.) - Standard". Customers who want to create sites in other languages should choose the default file with their chosen language.

  3. Identify your TMG database

    Click the [Set Database...] button in the Data.Database section, navigate to your TMG database in the File Open dialog, and click [Open].

  4. Give your site a name

    Key a title in the Site.Title textbox. Fill in the other textboxes in the Pages.Site section if you want.

  5. Identify yourself

    Key your name in the Compiler.Name textbox. Fill in the other textboxes in the Pages.Compiler section if you want. You should enter an e-mail address if you want site visitors to be able to contact you.

  6. Make the site

    Use the File > Make Site command to make the site. When Second Site is done making the site, a window will open with some status messages and some command buttons. Click the [Browse Site] button to open the main page of your site.

See Using Second Site for additional instructions.

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